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The Story

      The Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival is the longest running cannabis legalization rally in the nation, and quite possibly the world. The Festival began as a smoke-in at the Wisconsin state capitol rotunda to protest the cannabis related arrests of cannabis legalization activists in the 1970’s. The event grew from there and lead to the establishment of what is known today as the Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival.

      The festival started as a collective of volunteers, and in the 80’s started to include live music and the march to the Wisconsin state capitol to rally for cannabis legalization. The event rose in popularity in the 90’s; some of the events in the 90’s were attended by tens of thousands of people! What began as a smoke-in at the Wisconsin state capitol has now become a 501(c)(3) organization.

       In the last decade residents of Wisconsin have watched as more and more states began to legalize both medical and recreational cannabis. The goal of the organization, other than the legalization of cannabis, is to advocate for the health and safety of both medical and recreational cannabis users. As a medical cannabis user herself, the chairperson of the organization understands that cannabis consumer advocacy is just as important as cannabis legalization.

This Year

      This year we are celebrating the 49th anniversary of the event, as well as the second hemp harvest in Wisconsin’s history in over 50 years! The 49th annual Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival begins with the official Harvest Festival kick-off party at Bos Meadery in Madison on Friday, October 4th from 6 pm-10 pm. The event will continue on Saturday October 5th and Sunday October 6th at the 700 and 800 blocks of State Street in Madison, with a march to the capitol and a rally at the capitol steps on Sunday starting at 3:30. The event features speakers from both Wisconsin and across the nation, ranging from hemp farmers to state representatives; as well as an array of live music and a wide variety of vendors.

We hope to see you at this great event that is at the heart of the cannabis legalization movement in Wisconsin!

The Team

Erik Riedasch

Festival Director

Shelley Kennedy

Lead Producer

Landon Meske

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